Sweet Blue Sailboat Tee

Size: 2T
Style: Long Sleeve

Being on the boat with Dad (or Grandad or Uncle) is every little boy's dream. Show some love for the lake (or beach) with our personalized sweet saliboat shirt.
Made from high-quality fabrics, with two sleeve length options, this shirt is both durable and soft - a great combination if you're looking for that casual wardrobe staple and a relaxed fit for a busy running around or fishing day. 
Your brave lil adventurer will stand out. What's his name, by the way? We're ready to print it right under the featured sailboat so they can both own the day. 
See you around the lake!

⚬ 6+ oz 100% combed cotton interlock cotton.
⚬ Tapered shoulder
⚬ True to size
⚬ Printed design.

How to care for these fashionable tops:
Wash gentle cycle, tumble dry low

QUESTIONS unanswered, burning styling conundrums or size mishaps? Send us a sleek note. We're here to help you turn your closet from a shy fad to a little fashionista's treasure.

We're lucky to have customers like you. Keep being sassy, you rock!

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